Regional and Remote Airport Safety Inspections

The Manual of Standards Part 139 underwent a radical transformation culminating in the edition dated 5 Sept 2019. That edition came into force on 13 August 2020, before that registered aerodromes were subject to annual aerodrome safety inspections. These safety inspections were completed by persons authorised by CASA for the purpose.

Prior to MOS 139 (5 Sept 2019) More detailed Aerodrome Technical inspections were directed at Certified Aerodromes and were conducted by CASA staff at these aerodromes engaged in the most the operations of Regular Public Transport (RPT) services.

With the change to MOS 139 (5 Sept 2019) aerodromes were reclassified “regulated” or “unregulated”. Regulated aerodromes are all registered or certified aerodromes and are all classified “certified”. This has precipitated the cessation of the previous CASA delegation of “Aerodrome Safety Inspector” and removal of that description from MOS 139.

safety assurance

Detailed reports provided on inspections to suit your requirments

periodic high-level inspections

Given the need for some form a safety assurance for the plethora of “other” (unregulated) aerodromes, the industry is awaiting new guidelines for the delivery of this airport specialisation. These aerodromes still have a need for periodic higher-level inspection other than daily serviceability inspection.

Government bodies wishing to source the previous Safety Inspections are encouraged to contact us to discuss options.