Veterans Employment


Veteran Employment Initiative Statement

Oz Airports is proud to be an accredited Australian Veteran Owned Business. Our Director, Rod Cecchini, proudly served in the Australian Defence Force for 14 years, having graduated from the Royal Military College in Duntroon.
Military Service teaches us that, above all else, look a􀀁er your mates. We at Oz Airports believe that looking a􀀁er our defence mates does not end when we complete our service to Australia.
Around 10% of our current staff are former defence Veterans with majority filling leadership roles within the business.

Veteran Employment Initiative Strategies

Oz Airports is committed to increasing this percentage of Veterans employed by the business through the following strategies:

Recognition of Veteran Skills and Values

Oz Airports is passionate and committed to assisting our Australian Defence Force (ADF) Veterans. We understand the sometimes-daunting experience faced by Veterans seeking to transition from military service to a civilian role. Employment with Oz Airports allows the opportunity for Veterans to be supported by our current Veteran employees in a familiar work environment, since 70% of our work sites are on active defence airfields.
We recognise the skills, education and qualifications that Veterans have obtained during service. Beyond qualifications, Veterans bring personal qualities of accountability, leadership, teamwork, integrity and adaptability to the business. While employed with us, Veterans can continue to apply these key skills and behaviours learnt during their service, while continuing to contribute to the broader defence workforce.
Oz Airports acknowledges the challenge of service within the ADF is unlike any other role in society.

Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Veterans

We acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples play an important role and have made a valuable contribution to the ADF.
As included in our Reconciliation Action Plan, Oz Airports is focused on participation and success for Indigenous employees, including our Indigenous Veterans. This is achieved by expanding and supporting growth in our Indigenous workforce, developing Indigenous leadership, and sharing Indigenous histories, knowledges, and culture.

Partnering with the RSL

In order to reach Veterans who are seeking new career pathways, Oz Airports has partnered with the RSL, through the RSL’s Veterans Employment Program. This partnership allows Oz Airports to provide the RSL, either at a national level and / or through State Branches, with job advertisements and position descriptions for roles available around the country. The partnership also affords the ability to provide Veterans with proposed positions expected to become available in the near future, as the business wins new contracts on civil and military airports.

Equal Opportunities

Oz Airports does not tolerate any form of discrimination within the workplace, be this internally within our business or externally when working as part of a broader project team. Equal opportunity is a key commitment that we make to our employees, and these values stem from the equity and diversity framework that underpins defence employment policy. Veterans who join our team should find continuity in the equal opportunity framework that they previously experienced in their defence service and pursue their career pathways in a working environment free of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Our Commitment to Veterans

  • We recognise the unique work experience and values of our Veterans
  • We will act with integrity and respect at all times
  • We recognise the previous education and qualifications of our Veterans
  • We will support Veterans in their transition between military service and civilian work
  • We will provide the initial training to ensure staff can be confident in their abilities to perform their roles
  • We will provide ongoing training and mentorship to ensure continued professional development
  • We will provide all the necessary equipment needed for the delivery of our contracts
  • We will champion safety in the workplace and empower staff to stop work should any safety concern be apparent
  • We will continue to support the recruitment, retention and professional development of Veteran employees as we do with all employees.


We understand that defence service can also bring with it psychological problems that can stem from service. Being surrounded by colleagues with lived experience can provide peer support within the business and we actively support our veteran mates to keep their mental health in a positive light and physical wellbeing active.