compliance and profitability

Oz Airports can ensure critical airport assets are managed with a focus on both compliance and profitability. Our airport management strategies provide smaller regional airports compliance cover without the full-time cost. Mining airports can be assured of professional airport operations and management backed by the combined experience of the Oz Airports team that will ensure minimum staff numbers without jeopardising expertise or experience throughout the term of a contract.

Airport Management

It is often the case that in the regional airport example and the mining sector, that the specialised management of the airport is not the airport owner/operators core business.

In order to manage their airport(s), regional councils are typically forced to allocate a number of portfolios, such as the cemetery, livestock sale yards, swimming pool and then the airport, to a council manager who in many cases is not an airport specialist. Similarly, mining companies that require a compliant airport to facilitate the fly in/fly out labour force, can seek to manage the airport in house or outsource the management through a broader service delivery contract instigated to primarily provide catering, cleaning and waste solutions.

Oz Airports can provide the personal needed to ensure small regional and mine operated airports are managed safely and profitably while meeting all CASA Regulations and removing the stress from employees not properly qualified to manage such an important facility.